Word of the Year: A Modest Proposal


Dear Anne,

I confess that when I saw your post my first thought was, “Word of the Year?  Just like Pee Wee Herman, but even better!  I get to yell every time someone says humility–FOR A WHOLE YEAR!”  (Again, my 70’s era catechesis was sorely lacking.)

I think choosing humility as your personal buzzword in this “do-what-feels-good” culture is courageous.  I read a definition:  a modest view of one’s importance.  Modest.  Not a word we hear much, today, is it?   (Fun fact:  your St. Larry’s parents named him Julius Caesar at birth.  Not exactly modest!)

Humility doesn’t mean martyrdom (sacrificing one’s health doesn’t seem to help anyone, and indeed flies in the face of the old adage “put on your own oxygen mask first”) and it doesn’t mean self-flagellation.  But it certainly is at odds with our feelings-based, entitlement society.  The minute we think our needs are more important than those of others, we move away from what God calls us to do.  So thank you for putting humility front and center–may modesty be your guide!

And in honor of the snowmaggedon coming my way:

Love,  Susan

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