And They’re Off!

 Dear Anne,

In a couple of hours, we will be on a plane to Tel Aviv, heading off on a pilgrimage to the Holy Land!   I made sure to get to confession this morning, certainly in part to prepare to receive the Grace this trip will bring, but also because things tend to happen when we get together. Always good to start with a clean slate.

Really, it wasn’t our fault that the police had to be called the last two times I visited. To be fair, the lady in Austin didn’t actually call the police on us, but you know she wanted to, even though we really HAD to jump her fence. I’m just sorry I lost my prickly pear in the confusion. We really should blog about that sometime. . .

Anyway, we need to avoid an international incident on this trip. I’ve brought lots of prayer intentions with me–maybe I should add one for our good judgement? Or just ask God to keep His sense of humor while we are on his home turf?

I hear they grow prickly pears in Israel.

Love, Susan





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