Saved By the Well

Susan considering s jump off Mt. Precipice. Yes, those are Birkenstocks. And a down jacket.
Wedding rings blessed at Cana. All the single married  ladies….
Mary’s Well



Dear Susan,

Well, we made it safely and you didn’t throw me off Mt. Precipice yesterday for snoring so  day this trip is a win so far. I was a little offended that we didn’t even get searched in the THIRD security check before boarding our flight but such is the fate of middle-aged white women in America.

I was so moved visiting the site of Mary’s Well, Mary’s house and the Church of the Annunciation. My people phobia paid off during the Angelus prayer today, allowing me to really absorb the fact that the words of the prayer we were hearing were first said right where we were standing. Just, wow.

The renewal (not “renal,” Spell Check) of vows was unexpectedly moving and actually made me wish I could have teleported Ted there. I was really glad we formed the Single Wife posse and took pictures of our rings on the altar after they were blessed. I was also super-impressed that you took the whole Cana miracle to heart and got our guide to write down how to order red and white wine in Hebrew. You don’t even have to get your son to perform a miracle to get a drink. I feel we are really living the spirit of the Bible here.

Now, off to the Sea of Galillee, where I will try to emulate Jesus by sleeping in the boat.

Thanks for being my roommate! Love,




One thought on “Saved By the Well

  1. The pressure to write a clever message is intense. So happy to hear your trip is going well – and you’ve escaped capture 😇
    I’ll keep praying for safety and it sounds like the Holy Spirit has been really moving through this journey. Don’t worry about us back home. A felonious woman, an ancient socialist, a crooked blow hard, and a lecherous career politician are the front runners for President. Y’all Need Jesus couldn’t be more true!!


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