Pilgrims’ Progress


Dear Susan,

Demonic bacon aside, I am glad you had a truly transformative experience with the story of the multiplication of of the loaves and fishes. What are pilgrimages for, if not for this? And staying up until 1-2 in the morning for “fellowship.” Boy, has there been a lot of fellowship. I think I may have to go into fellowship rehab after this trip.

Ooh – but I did find an answer to your “loaves and fishes” question. It turns out “fishes” is correct when you are referring to multiple types of fishes, like when Kevin Kline ate the entire aquarium in “A Fish Called Wanda.” It is is  fishes.”

I had an experience similar to yours today, though. The Transfiguration finally started to make sense to me during Mass on the site of …. the actual tranfiguration. I mean, this is arguably one of the weirder stories in the Bible: Jesus appears to the disciples all shiny and next-level, along with Moses and Elijah. Wait, weren’t they dead? Then, Peter sensibly suggests that they build tents for them all to hang out in. ‘Cause that’s what you do when two dead prophets materialize in front of you while your Lord shoots out bright rays of light. Is this laser tag? What are we doing here?

I may not understand the story any better, but I did feel its impact and magnitude today mosaics and architecture help. And guess what the facade is supposed to look like? Tents! I will give you the point that some of the angels looked like they were a few shekels short of a dollar. What an amazing thing, to see the truly divine. I feel like I got a glimpse of it today – Hey, I get it!

Boy, I hope I come back from this trip transfigured. Maybe hold the rays of light, though?



One thought on “Pilgrims’ Progress

  1. Love your posts. Our group had “bible study” many nights. Still do frequently at a local mexican restaurant in Clear Lake. 😍

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