Ecce Diem, and an Apology to Gus Lloyd


Dear Anne,

Carpe Diem.  Seize the day.  How often do we hear this, an admonishment to live for the moment, don’t waste time.  But should we?  What about Ecce Diem–behold the day?  That was the question Father posed in today’s homily.

This resonated with me.  I move quickly, make decisions quickly and generally move through life like Ms. Pacman–gobbling up something else I want to read, another volunteer job I can’t say no to, another bridge lesson I want to learn.  I’m a seizer.  (I love that spell check wanted to make that “I’m a seizure.”  I’m sure you might find that more apt.)

Behold the day.  Behold The Man.  What good advice, to slow down and behold what is truly of God in my life, not what I think is important.  A recurring phrase in my lenten readings has been “disordered affection” (a valuable concept, even if it sounds like a DSM diagnosis), that is, anything that we put above our relationship with Jesus, even if those things are in and of themselves beneficial.  It’s easy to recognize if drugs or alcohol are causing you to move away from God, but bridge?  Housework?  (Not my personal issue, for sure!) Spider Solitaire?  Isn’t it good to clean?  To have hobbies?

But are we seizing what WE want, not what God wants of us?  When we seize, we take.  WE decide, maybe too quickly, to satisfy an earthly desire.  Are we servicing our own pride? Or maybe our activities take time that should be given to prayer, to service?  Do we escape in hobbies, or EVEN in service and prayer, instead of taking the steps we should in a broken relationship?  Are we seizing opportunity or just taking what we want?

So today my prayer is for the wisdom and the confidence to behold.

Ecce Diem.







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