“50 Percent More Influential”


This doesn’t have anything to do with the post but just shows how beautiful it has been in Houston this February – St. Joseph Chapel at Mary Queen, Friendswood

Dear Seizure Susan,

I so appreciated your words about slowing down to consider the day. My day was sure slow yesterday, most of it being spent driving up and down Beltway 8, and it gave me lots of time to consider the several media circuses blaring on the radio all day. Certainly, there was the Pope vs. Trump thing but my personal favorite had to be the Kanye West backstage SNL meltdown over the shiny stuff being removed from his stage. As reported on Page Six, in West’s profanity-laden rant, he opined that “he is ’50 percent more influential’ than legendary filmmaker Stanley Kubrick, Pablo Picasso, St. Paul the Apostle — who was handpicked by Christ to deliver the gospel — and even the notorious drug runner Pablo Escobar.”

I kind of love that St. Paul has enough street cred to have made Kanye’s list. And in his top four, no less. Furthermore, I was impressed that Kanye realized some self-limitation, saying he is only 50% more influential than these figures. I propose that we replace the traditional 2nd Sunday reading, usually from St. Paul, with the lyrics of one of Kanye’s songs, and see how it works. You know, because he’s so influential and everything.

Here’s a selection from one of his hits, aptly titled, “I Am a God”

I am a god
Hurry up with my d*** massage
Hurry up with my d*** ménage
Get the Porsche out the d*** garage
I am a god
Even though I’m a man of god
My whole life in the hands of god
So y’all better quit playing with god

Maybe it would play better if it started with “Beloved”?

Surprisingly, his song “Jesus Walks” works better:

Yo, we at war
We at war with terrorism, racism, and most of all we at war with ourselves
(Jesus walks)
God show me the way because the Devil trying to break me down
(Jesus walks with me) with me, with me, with me

I can work with that. “God show me the way” is a recurring theme I am hearing from a lot of folks during Lent, including myself. “What does God want from me?” “Am I asking the right questions?” More than anything else today, I hear people yearning for guidance. What is my purpose? My mission? What is God’s plan? Are we directionless do-gooders? If someone as influential as Kanye is lost, is it any wonder that we are too? I believe Kanye has a clothing line, too,  What more does he really need to be doing?

If I am honest with myself, I think God is answering me all the time. The truth is, I want the answer to be something else; something bigger or more fun than what it is. This is where we get in our own way. I don’t want to hear that my act of mercy for the day is cleaning the house or feeding my family. This, even though I know my vocation is being a mom and this is what it means to be a mom. Why can’t I be the one out founding the soup kitchen or doing something really cool? The truth is, I can barely keep afloat just keeping the house going for the day. And I don’t even own a Porsche. The Devil is trying to break me down, with pride, distraction and even boredom.

So, thank you Kanye. Maybe you are more influential than I thought.  Although, I still have to go with St. Paul over you. If I allowed God to be 50 percent more influential over my own ego this Lent, that would be a huge win.

Peace out,






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