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Holy?  Who, me?!



Dear Anne,

Do you think I can be holy? Okay, I’m sure you just snorted coffee out your nose when you read that. Maybe because you were with me in Nags Head in 1987 for that little incident involving a street sign and a Molly Hatchet roadie—admittedly, not my holiest moment. But this weekend Matthew Kelly (of Dynamic Catholic) told me that I can be holy.

Hubby and I attended Kelly’s Living Life with Passion and Purpose seminar and his message was nothing short of life changing. Holiness is doing God’s will at any given moment—simple, huh? Well, maybe for a moment now and then. The challenge is putting those moments together to live a holy life.

God puts a yearning for holiness in each one of us, Kelly says, and He speaks to us every day, in large part through our needs and desires. Deep desires, the yearnings of the heart towards a greater purpose, are vocational—they put us on the path God wants us to walk. So how do we live out that vocation, how do we do God’s will?  In short, how can we be holy? By living intentionally and paying attention.


Because holiness is living God’s will for us in each moment, being aware of His will in each moment is key. Well there’s my holiness stumbling block. Why is it so hard for me to get out of my own head and into the heart of Jesus? Instead of focusing fully on how to be Jesus to the person in front of me, I’m very often mentally moving on to the next thing on my to-do list or just involved in my own oh-so important thoughts. How often do I fail to really listen, pondering the “right” response or crafting a rebuttal instead of trying to connect? We hold on to these little illusions of control while we prioritize our wishes over what God wants.

So being holy is about letting go of that sense of control and just trying to be the person God created us to be, doing what He wants in any given moment. It’s hard to believe that I’m called to be holy when I’m just going to the grocery or heading to a bridge match.   And if I look at those things as just activities on my calendar, sure. But in each situation, each human interaction, I’m given the chance to pay attention and prioritize what God wants me to do, perhaps making a holy moment.  So maybe I do have the tiniest chance at holiness, especially since every moment is a new opportunity.  And while I’m not quite sure how a southern-rock roadie and a near-misdemeanor play into it, I’m glad you are a part of my not-so-perfect path towards holiness.

Love, Susan

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