Why We Blog–Friendship, Faith and a Few Laughs

Come hang out with us!

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Dear Anne,

The seeds of this blog were sown more than thirty years ago, at the University of Virginia. Soon after I joined Alpha Phi, you and I became an inseparable pair. You were the yin to my yang, the blonde to my brunette, finishing my sentences and always, always able to make me laugh.

Fast forward 15 years and I was a stay-at-home mom of three school age boys in Philadelphia while you were a single attorney in New York, about to be married to your Texan sweetheart. As I was pulling my hair out at the challenge that is parenting teens, you were tending to little ones. The day after we celebrated your youngest’s baptism, hubby and I took our almost 18 year-old twins on a college interview. Now you have the school age kids and I’m the one who’s got an empty house.

So why the blog? First and foremost, it’s about our friendship and the way our faith has been part of it. From History of American Catholicism with Fr. Fogerty the spring semester of 1987 (poor man, after having us I’m surprised he didn’t quit teaching and retreat to a monastery) through celebrating the sacraments for our five children, the Church has been a constant in our lives. Without our faith, our friendship wouldn’t have the same depth, and there’s a chance one of us might be on parole! You love me despite my virtues, not because of them.

Since we’ve started the blog, people have told us that something we’ve written has touched them, or made them laugh, and that gets to the heart of why we write. I’d love for those who read our blog to feel like they’ve been hanging out with us—laughing and crying with two ordinary women just trying to live life, motherhood, and our faith. And even though it feels like I’m 20 again whenever we are together, I realize we are a little older than the average Catholic mom blogger. (I know, how did 50 happen?!) We bring an “older sister” voice to the table—albeit a very cool older sister who lets you borrow her sweaters and sneak a drink. Midlife brings it’s own rewards (along with a few aches and pains) and having a friendship like ours is one of those rewards. I, for one, feel blessed to share that.



2 thoughts on “Why We Blog–Friendship, Faith and a Few Laughs

  1. I absolutely love this! Your guys’ blog is so refreshing to read, and I have enjoyed the “older sister” vibes you guys give off – the “hang in there, I promise these days are worth the memories you are creating!”

    I’m glad you’ve also joined CWBN! I look forward to keeping up with you guys that way – since I’m remiss about reading my own reader feed!

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  2. Reading your blog makes me feel like I’m sitting with you both, drinking a glass of wine, and listening to 2 wonderful women share their their faith and life’s ups and downs. It is so nice to know in this journey, I am not alone!

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