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A Graduation, a Wedding and a New Patron Saint–Bring On 2018!

Yesterday is a memory, today is a gift, tomorrow is a hope

Dear Anne,

As I write this, a light snow is falling and much of the country is in the deep freeze. I love that wonderful, quiet time between Christmas and New Year’s Day. Schedules are loosened, if not jettisoned. Christmas prep is done and there is a feeling of peace that even my 8-foot-high pile of Amazon boxes can’t lessen. (Or the pine needles. So many pine needles.) Even the calories in the Christmas cookies don’t count that week. (Bet you didn’t know that. Don’t doubt the Christmas magic.)

I feel a hopefulness in the air, expectations for the new year. Part of it is our son’s engagement, of course, what a joyful, forward-looking time. But we also have our youngest’s college graduation in 2018, ushering in his bright and shiny future out in the real world (and mine as a mother of fully independent adults). For all of us, a new year is the promise of a fresh start, the time for resolutions made, even if they aren’t always kept. Personally, I can’t wait to start my new bullet journal, the blank pages a siren song of promises for a newly organized me—and here’s hoping I keep my resolution to use it daily better than I did last year. (It’s not necessarily about succeeding at those resolutions, folks, it’s about the effort!)

Thanks for my new journal, Ann! Now I’m ready to manage my thug life in style.

Last year you introduced me to Jennifer Fulwiler’s patron-saint-of-the-year generator and this year I thought I’d get on board. Will all these changes, what better time to pick a saint-buddy to help me through 2018? I rejected St. Walburga—I couldn’t see the patron against rabies and plague offering me much since I assume rabid dogs and infected rats won’t be a part of my 2018—but I got St. Rose of Lima as a second round draft pick. Rose’s piety gives me a wonderful example to aspire to, and she’s the patron of embroiderers, florists and against vanity. For someone planning a wedding, I think she is a great fit. Though she did rub pepper on her face to disfigure herself so suitors wouldn’t sway her from her path to the consecrated life. I’m not sure how Rose is going to feel about my mother-of-the-groom beautification efforts.

New for this year, Jen created a word of the year generator, to provide a theme and inspiration for the year. I got “Tell”. Hmm. Maybe not the best word for my new role as a mother-in-law. St. Rose, please help me keep the “telling” to my call to evangelization and help me NOT tell when I shouldn’t.

So armed with my inspirational word and supported by my patron for the year, I head into 2018. I’ve been recharged by time with family and friends, by working on puzzles, eyeing bridal magazines and watching the mummers. I’d love to bottle those quiet stress-free days for the wonderful chaos that’s heading my way this year. Shepherding grandmothers to graduation (really, herding is an apt metaphor), helping plan a wedding, getting the youngest settled in his new job and new home—all of these joyful and wistful things will be part of my 2018. Glad I’ve got Rose in my corner, I’m going to be busy!

Happy 2018,


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