Facing the Upper Room(s)

Come Holy Spirit, fill the hearts of your faithful and kindle in them the fire of your love. Send forth your Spirit and they shall be created. And You shall renew the face of the earth.

Dear Susan,

As you have experienced, our house is divided into two separate kingdoms: Upper and Lower Slobovia. Lower Slobovia I can handle. It comprises the rooms I am in the most: my bedroom, the kitchen, dining room, laundry room, living room, my husband’s office (caution: there be monsters here). Upper Slobovia you enter at your own risk. It is mainly the domain of the kids, their playroom, and the guest rooms. A week may pass before I will venture up there. Usually it’s when the piles of kid detritus I have left on the steps get too large, or I realize that the baskets full of clean laundry have not been returned empty or even put away (Note to kids: a laundry basket is not actually a dresser. You do not pull clean clothes from it as needed). Facing my mad scientist daughter’s bathroom is not for the faint of heart, trust mem and I honestly believe that the soles of my feet are permanently imprinted with Lego marks.messyroom

As much as I avoid being upstairs, it is like pulling teeth to get my son out of there. His bedroom, Lego projects, school area, Dr. Pepper can collection, and most importantly, his computer and gaming systems are up there. He is on Spring Break this week and we have been treating him to lots of gaming time, even sending most of his meals up on trays. As we begin the Easter season, it made me think, he would have made a good apostle.

On our visit to the Holy Land, one of the sites that moved me the least was our visit to the Upper Room. For a setting that was all about the Holy Spirit, it seemed surprisingly devoid of, well, spirit. I may have been on Jesus overload at the time, but I think it hits everyone differently. Some people may be feeling the same way now that we have ended Lent and Easter Sunday. We have 50 days of the Easter Season ahead of us. Now what? I don’t think we need to feel bad about this. After the initial spurt of Easter joy at seeing the risen Christ, the apostles holed up in the Upper Room for 50 days while they prayed, worked out a game plan, and gathered their courage. This rising from the dead stuff can take a while to process.  I can only wonder what God was thinking. “I send you my son, have him brutally put to death for your sins, and then conquer death, but you guys can’t leave your room? Seriously?” Cue the Holy Spirit.

The cenacle by Jason Harman
The Cenacle from http://www.joshharman.com

While many of us had a plan for Lent, it is harder to wrap our heads around what to do with the Easter season. We have almost two months before the return of Ordinary Time, what will we do with it? This is a good time to invite the Holy Spirit into your life. Reflect on the gifts of the Holy Spirit and get your domestic church in order. Start to live out the lessons you learned from Lent. What practice, mindset or insight did you gain this year? This is the time you can figure out how to turn that into a part of your daily life. Try not to let those gifts be lost entirely now that Lent is over. Maybe you find yourself praying more often. Perhaps you got back into journaling on a regular basis. You might have had a volunteer experience that you want to make a regular thing. Now is the time for reflection and action.  Just as the Holy Spirit inspired the Apostles with wind and tongues of fire, this is a good time to discern what can be blown out of our lives for good and what passions motivate us.


As for Upper Slobovia, a good wind or a fire might help the situation. I think it is time for me to be more involved and face our Upper Rooms. Soon, it will be time for Liam to leave his Spring Break lair and go back to the daily grind of classes and activities. I hope this down time will have reenergized him to finish his school year strong.  I am actually looking forward to a little spiritual clean up this Easter season.  But my daughter’s bathroom? I am afraid that’s in God’s hands!

With love and joy,



One thought on “Facing the Upper Room(s)

  1. I love this post! I think my family might be of Slobovian descent, actually. 🙂 Thank you for the wonderful advice on what to do with yourself after Lent. This is exactly what I needed to hear/read today. God bless you!

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