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Three Wise Men and a Lunar Module

Dear Susan, Here is what passed for convivial holiday conversation at our house this year: “Are they from Mexico?” “No.” “Are they expired?” “No.” “OK, then. I’ll take a few.” Forget the present exchange on Christmas Eve; my husband and I exchanged antibiotics, as he turned the corner on his bronchitis while I began my… Continue reading Three Wise Men and a Lunar Module

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All the Best, Mr. President

Dear Susan, Recently overheard in the Kennedy living room: “Who is that long-haired hippie?” “Is it ZZ Top?” “No, the beard’s not quite right.” “It’s the Oak Ridge Boys. They’ve been traveling around with their suits for the last few weeks in case the President passed.” Not your usual holiday party chit chat, huh? By… Continue reading All the Best, Mr. President


It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like–Advent?

Dear Anne, I used to think my neighbors were crazy. Each year they would put up their Christmas tree and decorate it on Christmas Eve after their kids (all nine of them!) went to bed. They waited until the 24th for carols and Christmas cookies. I thought they were gluttons for punishment (with nine kids,… Continue reading It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like–Advent?