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At Last I See the Light – of the Luminous Mysteries

  Dear Susan,   When I went away for school one year, I was amazed to find that an entirely new city had sprung up while I was gone. Lo and behold, an entire section of Arlington, VA had been re-developed as “Pentagon City,” complete with a new mall bearing the same name. What had… Continue reading At Last I See the Light – of the Luminous Mysteries

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No Pain, No Gain

Dear Anne, The other day I was listening to my guru Dennis Prager’s “happiness hour” on the radio and he was talking about bringing the athletic concept of “no pain no gain” to our personal lives. Specifically, he was talking about how children ultimately lose opportunities for growth (and therefore happiness) when well-intentioned parents shelter… Continue reading No Pain, No Gain

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Social ME-dia: Finding Balance in a Self-Absorbed (Online) World

Dear Anne, Last weekend I was riding home from a bridge tournament with my friend Megan when her twenty-something daughter called, in the throes of an anxiety attack and needing to talk with her mom. After Megan hung up, another mom who was with us said her daughter struggled with anxiety, too. That got us… Continue reading Social ME-dia: Finding Balance in a Self-Absorbed (Online) World

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I’m Leaving–On a Jet Plane?

Dear Anne, A little more than a week ago, I was sitting in the Philadelphia airport during the first of two nor-easter’s we were hit with in the course of seven days. The arrivals and departures board listed cancellation after cancellation, but our flight to South Carolina was miraculously still On Time. Hubby and I… Continue reading I’m Leaving–On a Jet Plane?

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Thoughts and Prayers–About “Thoughts and Prayers”

  Dear Anne, “You really got a lot of ashes!” I was sitting at the bridge table on Ash Wednesday and the older lady (let’s call her Nancy) I was about to play against seemed unduly concerned about my forehead. I smiled at her but didn’t say anything, not quite sure how to respond. After… Continue reading Thoughts and Prayers–About “Thoughts and Prayers”

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Cleanliness Is Next To Godliness? That Must Be Why My House is a Mess

Dear Anne, While you were actively pursuing Swedish Death Cleaning, I had cleaning thrust upon me this week, with a side of humiliation. The other day, the furniture repair guy came and took my kitchen cabinet doors and drawer fronts to be refinished. What was I thinking when I decided this would be a good… Continue reading Cleanliness Is Next To Godliness? That Must Be Why My House is a Mess