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Retreats Gone “Wild”

Dear Susan, I have determined that God must be speaking to us through Lin Manuel Miranda. You wrote a moving piece on forgiveness, based on his blockbuster musical, Hamilton.  At a retreat I attended this past weekend, the afternoon led off with a talk referencing “Satisfied,” based on a song from the same show.   I… Continue reading Retreats Gone “Wild”

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Cleanliness Is Next To Godliness? That Must Be Why My House is a Mess

Dear Anne, While you were actively pursuing Swedish Death Cleaning, I had cleaning thrust upon me this week, with a side of humiliation. The other day, the furniture repair guy came and took my kitchen cabinet doors and drawer fronts to be refinished. What was I thinking when I decided this would be a good… Continue reading Cleanliness Is Next To Godliness? That Must Be Why My House is a Mess

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A Unicorn Lent & The Rainbow Connection

Dear Susan, Forget actual dollars and any sense. Right now, we are in the thick of what Fast Company has termed “The Unicorn Economy”. I see it at home, as gold glitter cascades from my living room table across the rug and smears of color are all over my kitchen counters, looking like, well, a… Continue reading A Unicorn Lent & The Rainbow Connection

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Your Own Personal (Grumpy) Jesus

Dear Susan, The words “Reach out and touch faith” pound through the speakers.  No, it is not a new Christian station. My daughter has discovered First Wave, a primarily ‘80s station on satellite radio.  Depeche Mode’s Personal Jesus was released in 1989, so it still makes the cut-off. In the front seat, I realize my… Continue reading Your Own Personal (Grumpy) Jesus