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Theology by Ted: A Pilgrimage to Guadalupe

Dear Susan, Did you know that some people, i.e., my husband, think that aliens played a big role in the spread of Christianity? Ted’s version of the faith includes influences from his childhood viewing of “2001: A Space Odyssey,” and his proximity to NASA in his formative years. Sadly, when you missed the Our Lady… Continue reading Theology by Ted: A Pilgrimage to Guadalupe

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Your Own Personal (Grumpy) Jesus

Dear Susan, The words “Reach out and touch faith” pound through the speakers.  No, it is not a new Christian station. My daughter has discovered First Wave, a primarily ‘80s station on satellite radio.  Depeche Mode’s Personal Jesus was released in 1989, so it still makes the cut-off. In the front seat, I realize my… Continue reading Your Own Personal (Grumpy) Jesus