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Look for the Helpers–And Be One, Too

Dear Anne, “Look for the helpers.” Those were the words Fred Rogers’ mother would say to him when he was scared by images of disasters on TV, encouraging him to look beyond the trauma and chaos to those who were stepping in to aid the afflicted. I was reminded of her wisdom these past weeks… Continue reading Look for the Helpers–And Be One, Too

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At Last I See the Light – of the Luminous Mysteries

  Dear Susan,   When I went away for school one year, I was amazed to find that an entirely new city had sprung up while I was gone. Lo and behold, an entire section of Arlington, VA had been re-developed as “Pentagon City,” complete with a new mall bearing the same name. What had… Continue reading At Last I See the Light – of the Luminous Mysteries


Come From Away–And Find Our 9/12 Selves

Dear Anne, The contentious, almost soap opera-esque Supreme Court hearings and attendant outrage have made for an anxious and depressing couple of weeks in the news. Between Facebook rantings, incessant negativity from the media and knowing that the public airing of sexual assault allegations is difficult for many people I care for, I felt like… Continue reading Come From Away–And Find Our 9/12 Selves



Dear Susan, Since we first started dating, Ted told me I should be surrounded in bubble wrap because I was so sensitive.  It turns out that I am an HSP, or Highly Sensitive Person. I was amazed to find recently that you are NOT highly sensitive.  In fact, counter to your natural, high-scoring, test-taking abilities,… Continue reading Highly-Sensitive…Saintliness?

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No Pain, No Gain

Dear Anne, The other day I was listening to my guru Dennis Prager’s “happiness hour” on the radio and he was talking about bringing the athletic concept of “no pain no gain” to our personal lives. Specifically, he was talking about how children ultimately lose opportunities for growth (and therefore happiness) when well-intentioned parents shelter… Continue reading No Pain, No Gain