Y’all Need Jesus


Who We Are

Both of us are cradle Catholics. Both of us are on the frontlines of the domestic church. This is a chronicle of our struggles from the pews to live Our Catholic faith. And keep a sense of humor.

We’re not perfect. We’ve made more than our fair share of mistakes but one thing we have learned about life: Y’all need Jesus.


I live in Pennsylvania and have three grown sons.  I volunteer in my parish and in my community with the church. When I am not running the house, managing the three dogs or adult children, I am an avid knitter and bridge player.


I live in Texas and have two young kids at home. I started my family late in life and was the oldest mom in kindergarten last year. Originally from the East Coast, I am one of the many Americans who has repatriated to Texas in recent years. And wow. This is different.